POETRY RESOURCES_________________________________________

Here are a few good poetry books and resources that I found useful when I was writing GOING FISHING:

Bowkett, Steve. Countdown to Poetry Writing: Step by step approach to writing

techniques for 7-12 years. New York: Routledge, 2009.

Hollander, John. Rhyme’s Reason A Guide to English Verse. New Haven: Yale University

Press, 1981.

Janeczko, Paul B. A Kick in the Head: An Everyday Guide to Poetic Forms. Cambridge:

Candlewick Press, 2005.

----------. How To Write Poetry. New York: Scholastic, 1999.

----------. Poetry from A to Z: A Guide for Young Writers. New York: Bradbury Press


Livingston, Myra Cohn. Poem-Making: Ways to Begin Writing Poetry. New York: A

Charlotte Zolotow Book-HarperCollins Children’s Books, 1991.

Here are a couple of good poetry-related websites:

Academy of American Poets 

These are the good people who started National Poetry Month which is held each April.

Poetry Foundation

These are the good people who publish Poetry magazine and are headquartered in Chicago.

Here are a couple of good poetry dictionaries:

Johnson, Burges. New Rhyming Dictionary and Poet’s Handbook. 2nd ed. New York:

Quill/HarperResource, 2001.

Wood, Clement, editor, revised by Ronald Bogus. The Complete Rhyming Dictionary.

2nd ed. New York: Dell Publishing, 1991.